It’s not everyday that one of your good friends just says “hey do you want to go on a work trip with me to California” but with no hesitation my answer will always be “YES” because no matter what the circumstances are I am always down for an adventure.  This quick little weekend getaway to Palm Springs wasn’t what I expected when it started but it ended up being one of the most relaxing trips for me. It really allowed me to get some time away from my job and clear my head while getting to soak up all the rays from the blazing sun and chill by the pool. What makes this trip even more memorable is the photos that I took because we stayed at the most Instagramed hotel while we were there, but how could you not because around every corner was a new and excited location filled with games, bike rentals, hammocks and boche ball, or corn hole and drinks.  So if your ever in Palm Springs I highly recommend The Saguaro Hotel for its entertainment, aesthetics, and community building.


What would a trip out into the desert be without seeing the massive desert dinosaurs of Cabazon. Now don’t get me wrong though, as cool as these photos make it seem don’t plan a whole day around this wonder of the world. Just give yourself a few hours to drive a bit north from Palm Springs to take it all in and get some cool photos like this.