About ME


 For all of those people out there who are curious to get to know me, my name is Dakota Jaymes and for the moment lets just say that I’m a creative junkie. I have been a creative kid since birth always drawing, painting or making random shit out of nothing, because my imagination has always ran wild and been full of many ideas. So naturally I became obsessed with the arts, but most importantly FASHION! Though as a kid who was artistically inclined, I was naturally bullied so even though I had a love for fashion I steered clear of it in high school and chose to blend in for my own sanity, but after leaving high school I started to embrace my fashionable side and after a failed first attempt at a blog, I became less enthusiastic about posting. Which for the time being was good for me because I was able to live life and do some other creative things, but I still wanted to have a space that would showcase everything that I love including fashion, design, travel, or art. Thus Dakota Jaymes was launched. Though this is a site mainly for fashion post and my take on style, which is subjective so feel free to comment on what you love, what you don’t like or things you’d change, because hearing others perspectives allows me to grow and a stylist as well as a learn about other peoples styles. This blog will also encompass many other forms of art sporadically to give you all something else to creatively open your minds to.  

Hope you are all inspired by at least one thing on here, and lets take this creative journey together and have fun while doing it.