With the Paris Menswear shows ending, it marks the end of all Men’s Fashion Weeks and originally I thought I would wait to share my favorite shows with you because we all know now that some high end brands like Gucci, and Burberry have started showing dual collections during Women’s Fashion Week and I’m pretty sure they would be included in my favorites. But there was so many good things and ideas coming out of the Menswear shows I couldn’t help but share my top 10 with you now. We are starting to see the rise of innovation with in the menswear avenues and designers are taking more risks with not only their clothing but the presentations themselves and I myself have been waiting for this type of turn in menswear for a long time. Of course with designers like Kim Jones at Dior and Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton we are seeing an elevated streetwear vibe in their shows but they are also making tailoring more interesting. In turn I feel like they are pioneering the menswear community to try new things and because of that we have other designers like who are completely defining their own voice and creating innovative silhouettes we haven’t really seen before, but as I said before here were my top 10 shows from the Autumn/Winter 2019 Menswear Shows.



This show was seriously my favorite and it was so hard to just pick a few looks to show you guys, because I would wear literally every piece from this collection and that is something I have never said before. Since there is always those few pieces your like what the hell is that, or they’re just completely the opposite of your style. Not with this collection it hit 100% for me, now if only I had the money to buy the entire collection for my wardrobe. I don’t think I would need anything else for the rest of my life.




Of course Dior made it in Kim Jones is literally a genius and this collection was anything short of amazing! Not only were the clothes amazing but the show was pure fire, the models on the conveyor belt standing like these fashion statues was super impactful, at least from my computer as I watched the show, since I unfortunately was not there in person… Maybe one day though! I have never seen a menswear show be so elegant, tactile, and utilitarian while still managing to feel expensive and luxurious. I was super impressed and wanted many of pieces including the full look from above.



Dries is an all time favorite of mine, he really can do no wrong he always has this effortlessness that I just adore in his clothes and he normally has some of the best prints out there. He also mixes his prints so well that any man would feel confident in such a bold look. This collection from Dries was good and I loved this print from the above look the best. I wasn’t to keen on a few of the colors with in the collection for my personal style, but again he is a genius. Here are my top looks from his collection that I want in my own wardrobe.






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