Ever since the 2014 Belstaff Spring Presentation I have been obsessed with owning and buying what I called at the time a men’s jumpsuit. Now fast forward through years of searching and finding the most expensive things out there, learning that they are also called coveralls, and dealing will all the struggles in between all the way to present day. Where I found this denim coverall at Forever 21, it was reasonably priced and fit like a glove, so obviously I was hooked, because all of my dreams were starting to fall into place.


I decided to style this coverall with a leather harness and some silver accessories. I think the silver plays off well with the denim, and of course by adding the leather harness we’ll take this look to a bit more of an edgier place which is a vibe that I try be an underlining theme in all my looks, sometimes it can be with the smallest detail and others it will be blatantly obvious either way it doesn’t matter to me its just how I’m feeling that day and how I want to style a look. Anyways back to the clothes, I think what I love most about this Coverall is that it can be styled a bunch of different ways because it’s in denim (which is basically a neutral.)  So try pairing it with some loafers and a stripped tee for a more nautical look, or with an oversized puffer coat, white tee, some killer sneakers, and belted with a beanie for a more urban street wear vibe.

Dakota AndersonComment